what is kikimimi world?
"kikimimi world" is an entirely new audio sightseeing concept and is the brainchild of artist Toru Koyamada. The project allows people to download and listen to audio files of conversations between a tour host and guest as they walk through the city. The experience of listening to the conversation and jokes as the tour host and guest pass by landmarks makes listeners feel as if they were there at the time of the recording as a participant in the walk. This is how the "kikimimi world" is different than other audio tours.
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日英翻訳提携 web制作・運営会社

ABCLoop is an online language learning community where conversations in English and Japanese are translated and checked by everyone who uses it.
Our goal is to offer English and Japanese language learners a new way to learn and practice with other.

免責事項 Kikimimi World, Terms of Use

(Purpose of the following Terms)
This service defines the terms of use for participants in "kikimimi world", a service providing people an entirely new sightseeing experience. Only those who agree to the following terms of use are approved to join “kikimimi world”.

(Copyright and other License)
ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace (Wacoal Art Center Co., Ltd.) holds all copyrights to the sound and image content provided by "kikimimi world".

(Restricted to Personal, and Non-Commercial Use Only)
The use of this service is restricted for personal and non-commercial use only. All information and services from “kikimimi world” are forbidden to be modified, copied, distributed, sent, displayed, screened, duplicated, published, licensed, used to create a derivative work, or sold and transferred.

(How to participate)
Those who wish to participate in “kikimimi world” are permitted to download voice data from the project’s homepage (kikimimi.org) freely.

Users of “kikimimi world” are expected to follow the principle of self-responsibility. Please make sure to pay attention to traffic situation and participate safely. ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace (Wacoal Art Center Co., Ltd.) accepts no responsibility for any disadvantages, damages, and accidents due to the participation of our service.

(Principals of Integrity)
Any arising questions that are/are not in the Terms of Use will be settled each time upon a consultation between the participant and ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace, based on the Principals of Integrity.

(Supplementary Provisions)
These terms come into force from September 10th, 2010